Here at CTS, we quite simply remove the problem of accessing intertidal areas. Our MACV Hovercraft take your crew straight from the beach or riverbank to where they need to be.

No Fuss, No Drama - Fast, Safe & Efficient Service.


Mudflats : Saltings : Soft Sand : Estuaries : Beaches : Flood Water : Shallow / Unknown Water Depths


Small hovercraft hire is now possible due to a significant change in legislation in 2015. With no requirement for commercial coding, operating costs are considerably reduced leading to affordable hire/rental costs. We now provide hovercraft hire to businesses and organisations needing access to areas where previously the only option was to walk.

Our MACV hovercraft are professionally built craft capable of seating up to three crew plus the skipper. There is an enormous range of uses to which hovercraft can be put - almost any work requiring intertidal access can be undertaken - but some typical applications for which we have provided craft are as follows.
























  • Crew Transfer (river bank to piling works/barges/dams)

  • Intertidal, Nearshore / Littoral Zone Survey Work

  • Standby/Safety Boat duties.

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Biotope Mapping / Geotechnical Survey

  • Marine Archaeology

  • Benthic Survey / geotechnical / Sampling

  • Animal and Bird counts

  • Ecological Consultants - assessment/ habitat survey etc.

  • Estuarial & Intertidal Transport Services.

  • TV/Media Services.

  • Civil Engineering Marine / Coastal Infrastructure Work.


Based in Kent, available

across the country.



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