Having run hovercraft events businesses both here in the UK, and overseas, and supplied 90% of UK businesses with the hovercraft for their own events, we have enormous experience in these type of events.

Whether run as a stand-alone event, or a new activity for an established activities centre, there's some golden rules and 'must-do's' that we can advise youon - which will save a lot of long term, expensive pain!


Track design is absolutely critical to control speed, whilst making the event exciting for participants. A badly designed track can result in expensive repairs.  We can visit your site to advise on the best course layout. Likewise, your instructors must learn to...instruct! There's a distinct process to training instructors to show brand new drivers to safely control the hovercraft with just a few minutes instruction.

The event needs to be cost effective – we can show you how to run events which maximise profit,  whilst giving your clients an exciting, punchy event that they want to repeat! Pursuits, relay races and team interaction all make for a memorable experience.

In some cases, you may be mobile - ie taking your craft to outside events such as county fairs, corporate days, demonstrations for schools and colleges, product launches, TV and film work. This raises a whole host of other challenges and safety considerations with which we're familiar - and we're willing to consult to help you provide a safe and enjoyable event.

If you're looking to start a driving events business, we can surely save you a lot of time, money and grief - just call for a chat and we'll be happy to quote you for a support and event development package.


Based in Kent, available

across the country.



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