Book a MACV For Your Project

  • Our MACV hovercraft are available for hire throughout the UK and abroad on either long or short term contracts.

  • Craft are supplied with skipper, full safety equipment and the day rate includes a fuel credit.

  • Responsibility for gaining permission from any relevant bodies (Natural England, Councils Harbourmasters Etc)  rests with the hirer.

  • Terms & Conditions apply to hire contracts. Please ask for a copy.

Call For Advice


We promise this - if a hovercraft is not the vehicle you need for your job, or the location and operating conditions are not suitable - we'll tell you. In order that we can give you best advice, call or email us with an outline of your project and requirements - and we'll advise you accordingly. 

Getting a Quote
Our charges are made using a daily rate plus travel/deployment and accommodation. Obviously, this means a one day rental at the far end of the country will work out relatively more expensive than a longer hire period.



What can MACV do for you?


Marine and Nearshore Survey, Environmental Monitoring, Mapping,  Water Sampling, Bird Counts, Littoral Sediment Sampling - literally ANY work or project within the Intertidal, Nearshore or Shallow water tidal environment where you'd normally expect to have to traverse mudflats on foot.

Coastal Transit Services
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Based in Kent, available

across the country.



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